Angkor Wat Cambodia – Gallery 1 of 3

Angkor Wat Cambodia the main temple complex was amazing, however not exactly the most amazing thing we have seen in the world.  It’s well preserved and the history of this place boggles the mind!  It was oppressively hot this day and humid and we were dodging Chinese tourists and hawkers selling their trinkets.  We spent a couple hours here and saw some great things and snapped some awesome pictures of the galleries, stairs, and towers of Angkor Wat.    We were done with the main complex, got a coffee across the street and cooled off for a few minutes to develop a plan for the rest of the day.  We decided not to find a guide and just explore the ruins at our own pace on our bike.  We are glad we did.  It ended up being a great day of discovery and relaxation.  As we rode around the complex we snapped pictures of whatever made us happy without a tour guide telling us we had to get to the next place and see things on a guide’s time schedule.  We ended up loving Angkor Wat and got some incredible pictures of the area.  Our camera wasn’t in the best shape and old, maybe one day we will get back there and take some real pictures with our new camera, drone, and gopro.  

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