Antigua, Guatemala Architecture and Churches Gallery of Photos

Antigua, Guatemala Architecture and Churches

Antigua doesn’t disappoint!  This town brims with colonial Spanish architecture and churches that show off the baroque style of buildings that are ornate and over the top in beauty.  A series of earthquakes in the 1700s destroyed many of them spurring the Spanish to move the capital, then called Santiago De Los Caballeros, to what is present day Guatemala City.  By the late 1700s the town was all but abandoned. 

When it revived, it was then called Antigua and began its new history of being one of the best examples of Baroque architecture the world has and home to 100s of Spanish schools.  Framed by the two volcanoes Fire and Water (Fuego and Agua) the place can’t be more picturesque.  So why not take some pictures and put them up on the blog for you to enjoy.  Remember these pictures are not for reuse.  If I see some of them floating around, its not like I will hire a lawyer and sue you, however please respect that these are not public property and don’t use them for commercial purposes. 

If you wish to use it as a background on your computer or something… Were ok with that!  If you ever get the chance, head out to Antigua and spend a week or two.  The food is amazing and varying, relatively inexpensive and there is more to do there than you will have time for.  We hope you enjoy these pictures of Antigua, Guatemala Architecture and Churches!

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