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Chennai , India was a great place begin our tour of India and allow us to slowly acclimate to the heat and culture of India.  What we realized was how dirty India is.  There is nothing to prepare you for this.  We passed by a river that you could have walked across due to the pollution.  It’s overwhelming at first.  Some might think it’s too much.  Others might wonder how we can just arrive without a plan. We ended up getting  tuk tuk driver to tour us around the city and saw some temples and ate lunch with him where we got some great food.  We also got to see one of the only known resting places of an original apostle of Jesus Christ.  St. Thomas’ Cathedral was a nice place we were also able to see the place where he was entombed.   We didn’t spend much time in Chennai and were saving the south for another time in India, but it was a good place to settle in and start our trip and we got to see some interesting things.  

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