Costa Rica

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If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home.
James Michener

Costa Rica

  • General Facts 

    • Population: 4,902,328 people
    • Capital: San Jose; 335,007 people
    • Area: 19,730 square miles
    • Language: Spanish
    • Religion: Roman Catholic
    • Currency: Costa Rican Colon
    • Life Expectancy: 80 years old
    • GDP per Capita: U$D $16,300 per year
    • Literacy Rate: 98 percent

    Other Fun Facts:

    • Costa Ricans refer to themselves as “Ticos” (males) and “Ticas” (females).
    • The sun rises and sets in Costa Rica at the same time every day 365 days a year, due to its close proximity to the equator.
    • Costa Rica possesses 51 of the New World’s 300 hummingbird species.
    • Tourism is Costa Rica’s leading industry with over two million visitors arriving each year.
    • In Costa Rica, a Soda is a small, informal restaurant that serves a choice of meat and rice and beans for around $5 USD.
    • Pura Vida is used regularly by locals it means "Pure Life" and it's a way of thinking positive.

    Our Suggestions

    • Lake Arenal is a beautiful place.  You can drive around the lake too, in a big loop.
    • Tamarindo, check out the surf lessons at Sol Naciente or take a fishing tour with Seaz the Day.  
    • Great micro-brewery in Tamarindo called Volcano.  Sometimes getting good beer in Central America is difficult. This beer is great!
    • Go to the Osa Peninsula and Drake Bay in the south for some natural beauty and untouched beaches by tourism.
    • Jaco is great if you are into resorts and beaches combined.  
Costa Rica
Costa Rica

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