Cusco, Plaza De Armas, San Blas and the Wild Rover Hostel Gallery

Cusco, Plaza De Armas, San Blas and the Wild Rover Hostel are the highlights for us in Cusco.  Cusco, Peru… an ancient town that was founded in 1100, held the Incan Capital, Gateway to the Sacred Valley and town of incessant sales people bugging you to no end.  We arrived and stayed at the Wild Rover Hostel which overlooked the city in a peaceful way we couldn’t experience once in the city.  Beautiful views of the mountains and valley below we would sit hight h above Cusco marveling at it’s beautiful layout and red tiled roofs.   

Once getting into town, it was another thing entirely.   Constant lines of beggars, people selling everything from gum to painting and tours and massages.  We sat at a cafe and were accosted once every 2 minutes from someone wanting to sell us something.  Although beautiful and historic… it just ruined it for us.  The pictures in this album shows the beauty of Cusco, not the commercial underbelly.  It’s the beauty of the city that will keep with us in our heart and the constant hawking in our minds.  Not to go back and not a place we will ever go again, we enjoyed it for the most part.  Altitude exhaustion was a frequent theme in this city, however we never got sick fortunately.  We hope you enjoy the pictures as they are truly wonderful and don’t do the beauty of the city justice.   However, if you do go to Cusco, we highly recommend you go somewhere lower altitude first to get used to breathing thin air.  Arriving from sea level to Cusco can be dangerous, and now we know why.  San Blas street was also a highlight for us. 

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