Delhi, India – Gallery – Gandhi Smriti

We made it back to Delhi and liked much more this time.   Not only was it easy to get around, we didn’t get scammed.  We really wanted to visit the Gandhi Smriti Museum.  This is where Gandhi lost his life by assassination.  Gandhi knew it was going to happen sooner or later and was advised not to go pray this day.  Gandhi was unwavering in his beliefs and faith and did it anywhere.  He was shot walking across the complex where he lived and the spot is marked with footprints from his room and his last walk to his death location.  The museum is nice and interesting and you really felt the life of Gandhi there.  We liked seeing his artifacts like his cane and glasses and his room where he lived including his desk.  Such humility was not only inspiring but unbelievable.  The man was famous yet humble.  Something not seen today.  

We also went to Johnny Rockets and got a burger.  Ok, it wasn’t a beef burger, but it was water buffalo and tasted the same.  They came and danced at our table to KC and the sunshine band and it felt as if we were home in the US.  It was a lot of fun and great to get a real burger in India!  We hadn’t had one for a long time. 

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