Dharamsala , India Gallery – No we didn’t see the Dalai Lama

We snapped tons of pictures of Dharamsala and Mcleod Ganj !  The absolute beauty of this place coupled with the amazing people and chinese / tibetan Architecture is nothing short of incredible.  We love this place and could live here forever!   The Himalayas are perched in the distance and the Bhagsu Valley doesn’t disappoint.  We saw the Dalai Lama temple complex and didn’t see his holiness, however we found the museum where we learned about the Tibetan plight extremely educational, sad and interesting.  We loved the cafes in particular Cafe Budan, and loved sitting around people watching in the cooler temps of the area.  We were actually in McleodGanj and not Dharamshala, although the bigger area of Dharamsala  has a lot to do and see as well, just not as quaint and easily maneuverable as Mcleod Ganj.  We would love to go back and spend some time learning mediation from the monks in the future and not something we were able to do. 

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