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Delhi the first time around was a disaster!  We felt as if we couldn’t get anything done.  We tried to get cell service… nope.  Tried to book trains… nope.  Tried to not get scammed… nope. We We were getting sick of the Delhi Scams too!  Everything we tried we failed at.  We did like Karol Bagh and the market nearby and ate some amazing food.  We did go to the Monkey Hanuman Temple and the Lotus Temple.  We rode the metro all over town and I guess that in some regards, it wasn’t a complete failure.  We really felt as if Delhi wasn’t our type of place.  Things changed the next time we came to Delhi and realized it wasn’t so bad, we were just virgins and ignorant to the normal Delhi Scams which include cheap tuk tuks and shopping at an emporium.   The lotus temple grounds were pretty and serene however, sitting in the sanctuary was a bit like being at the church of the nazis.  Weird and kind of off-putting.  

The monkey temple and Shelly getting henna was great!!   We just sat outside and watched the people and monkeys interact and loved park outside the temple. We also walked around Old Delhi and the market there which was interesting but, not what we thought it would be like.  We took a look at the Red Fort, but wasn’t impressed either.   Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and get updates on our other adventures we embark upon!  We will have more pictures and stories for you from all over the world. 

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