El Salvador

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El Salvador

General Facts 

  • Population: 6,174,000 people
  • Capital: San Salvador; 257,754 people
  • Area: 21,041 square miles
  • Language: Spanish
  • Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Currency: US Dollar
  • Life Expectancy: 74 years old
  • GDP per Capita:U$D. $4,187 per year
  • Literacy Percent: 90

Other Fun Facts:

  • It's the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America.
  • Known as the "Land of Volcanoes", it has frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity.
  • It's the only country in Central America without Caribbean coast line access.
  • The country had a terrible civil war from 1979 to 1992. Over 80,000 people were killed during the war.
  • There is one UNESCO World Heritage Site in the country: Joya de Ceren
  • The national dish is the famous pupusa (which dates from pre-Columbian times).
  • Only close friends may hug and kiss on the right cheek as a sign of respect in greeting others.
  • El Salvador is slightly smaller than the US state of Massachusetts. 

Our Suggestions

  • Try the Pupusas which are traditional Salvadoran dish.  It's made of a thick, handmade corn tortilla with a consistency close to a tamale, that is usually filled with a blend of cheese, cooked pork ground to a paste consistency, and refried beans.  They are then cooked in a wood fired oven and are absolutely delicious and cheap!
  • Visit El Tunco and learn to surf and hang out at in the laid back village.  El Tunco boasts some of the best surf in Central America and the world.   
  • Hike a volcano
  • Visit Los Chorros.  It's an emerald green pool that is fed by what appears to be a huge wall of little waterfalls.  

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