Divemaster Training In Roatan -Skills Circuit and Saying Goodbye – Gallery

The PADI Divemaster program is the next step in your training in diving. We had to do this in our favorite Island to dive, Roatan, Honduras. We spent 3 months in Roatan diving and learning then becoming PADI divemasters. We had a lot of fun with our instructors and had to eventually say goodbye. Not before lancing some boils, teaching other instructors how to take blood pressures and enjoying semana santa on the island. Getting a PADI Divemaster is not only a great accomplishment it really increased your confidence in the water through the training and numerous dives you rack up while taking the course. It’s well worth the money and we recommend anyone who is a diver to do it even if you aren’t going to work in the industry. Feel free to get in touch with us to to know the best shops and best places to stay in Roatan, Honduras when you want to do your PADI Divemaster program and step up to the next level.

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