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Nothing can be compared to the new life that the discovery of another country provides for a thoughtful person. Although I am still the same I believe to have changed to the bones.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Italian Journey

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Who Are Shelly and Brady?

Shelly and Brady are two adventurers at heart, who love to travel the world.

We travel in a unique way that allows us better immerse ourselves into the culture, sights, smells and sounds of a country. We are adventurers who travel at our own pace with no place to go and no place to be.  We prefer the less "touristy" side of travel and gain the greatest pleasures from the simplest of cultural experiences.

We are; English Teachers, Avid Motorcyclists, PADI OWSI Scuba Instructors, Registered Nurses, Digital Nomads, Adventure Seekers, and Travel Junkies.

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