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Death and Taxes - An Inspirational Story About Life and Changing Your Perspective

Death and Taxes — An Inspirational Story About Life and Changing Your Perspective

Death And Taxes

I was daydreaming today about what was going to happen when I die? Not where do I go, but who will miss me and what lives have I impacted. Will people come to my grave and have fond memories of the times we shared? I am definitely not into the morbid “death ritual” others may feel they need for closure. No thank you. I think I would like to just go away like an old dog, into the woods forever? No Grave. No Wake. Only a metamorphosis.  There are really only two certainties in life; Death and Taxes. 

More On Death Since I Hate Taxes More

I don’t know what will happen when we die. I feel that no one does. I know many believe the whole “going through the tunnel to the light” hypothesis. But I’ve also heard of just black and everything ends.

Speculating on this is more ridiculous than guessing lottery numbers. Even once in a while, someone actually wins the lottery. When was the last time someone came back from the dead to explain death to us. Some claim to do this, however how are really sure they aren’t just seeking attention, or feel this is what happened to them and it really didn’t?

Enough of this morbid talk! This article, isn’t about death; it’s about life and living it to the fullest through changing your perspective. 

An Inspirational Story About Life

I get my horoscope sent to me daily. And my horoscope yesterday, said this: “You are likely undergoing a profound change in the way you look at life. It is likely that you have made a conscious decision to look at life as a glass half-full, rather than half empty. For someone like you, who is accustomed to trying to control even that which is out of your control, this is a refreshing new approach. You will find that you are more relaxed and at ease than you have been in years.”

Taste Life Differently

A Few days later, like a lightning bolt, a flashbulb went off in my head. These words came to me like a whisper; Taste life differently.

I had what some call an epiphany. I needed to make a profound change in my life. Was I negative about life? Am I ever happy with status quo? Do I try to control that which is out of my control? How does one go through a profound change in the way you look at life? The answer is… by changing one’s view or perspective. Taste life differently. Look at the world in a different light by changing where and how you see the world around you.

Changing My Perspective

After this epiphany, my life changed. I did taste life differently. I changed my career from Medical Surgical Nursing to Psych Nursing. I started traveling the world. I fell in love. My life changed dramatically. Now I run The Indefinite Journey Blog which focuses on helping other change their perspective through travel.

The Art Of Letting It Go

Life isn’t concrete, it’s flowing water. Giving up control is the toughest lesson I had to learn to begin to change the way I looked at life. What do we really control? Not much. We can control when we pay our bills, if we work or not, what we say to others and daily hygiene. Other than that, we are relegated to a life of floating through life and taking it as it comes. Controlling things that are out of our control is the main cause of stress and anxiety in our lives.

The Art Of Letting It Go is simply the ability to not concern yourself with things you cannot control, which is just about everything. There is a metaphor I like to use with my patients. Float down the river. Life is like a river and if you have ever tried to swim a river, it is impossible to swim upstream. You will tire and drown long before you get anywhere. Life is similar. Float through life, go with the flow and see where life takes you.

How To Let It Go.

Does this mean you just give up and not plan? No. It means you we need to understand that life is ever changing and hard to navigate. The river of life will take you where it wants to take you and you have no control how fast you travel down it. You have no control over when your journey will end. You have no control over the obstacles that might be in your path. The best strategy is to kick back and float. Let life take you where it wants to take you without fighting against it. Ask yourself… Can I control this? If the answer is no, put it out of your head and move on.

Change in Perspective

Learning to change your perspective isn’t easy, however it is doable. You need to learn to give up control and float through life. We will all die someday and regret is a major problem for those that are getting ready to pass. Live life to the fullest. Don’t worry about how things will turn out, because you have no idea.

Shelly and I did this through traveling. We found that changing our surroundings, culture, and the people we interact with, made the biggest difference in how we saw the world around us. We then started a blog to help others change their perspective through traveling.

Follow your intuition, and allow life to take you on the path of least resistance. This key to eradicating stress and anxiety, (as well as depression) and letting go of the “control illusion” we have developed through a conditioned life of planning. It isn’t until we let go of that control, that we discover that life has a plan… a design.

Perception is 90% of every situation. So if you change your perception, you change your perspective. Change your perspective, you change the way you see life. Change the way you see life, you change your life entirely. Only then, the metamorphosis begins.


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