Koh Chang, Thailand Gallery – Part 1

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Koh Chang, Thailand or Ko Chang depending on who you talk to, is in our opinion the best Thai Island.  It’s also the largest and the people are the friendliest.  We some time decompressing after working for a while as nurses in the United States.  We had to get somewhere we could relax and get ready for a possible stressful trip to India.  We knew that Koh Chang, Thailand would be the best place for this.  We gorged ourselves on Thai food.  We love it.  No other way to describe it.  Thai food is quite possibly the best food known to man.  There is balance in Thai food.  Sweet, spicy, bitter and sour all intermingled into what is a dance of flavors in your mouth.    Thai BBQ is also an amazing experience.

You cook your own food over a coal bucket and the pure interaction while cooking your food and eating it is something we try to do every time we are in Thailand. We also got to sit with a Thai family and eat with them, an unforgettable experience.  

Koh Chang is beautiful.  Hilly and clean clear waters makes for a beautiful backdrop to enjoy this wonderful Thai Island.  The people just make it better.  There is not the over-tourism that you will find in Phuket, Phi Phi, Samet, Samui, and Tao.  This is maybe why we like it so much.  The chilled out vibe coupled with the great food, makes this our go to island!

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