Lake Atitlan The Most Beautiful Lake In The World – Gallery of Photos

Lake Atitlan, The Most Beautiful Lake In The World

Lake Atitlan was a place we only wanted to visit for a few days, you know… drop in get to know it, then move on.  Not so fast!  This place wouldn’t losen it’s grip on us.  It’s no wonder Aldous Huxley called it The Most Beautiful Lake In The World.  He described it as  “It really is too much of a good thing” in his travel book Beyond the Mexique Bay.  It really is too much of a good thing. So in this Gallery you will see some pictures of us getting amazing coffee below our hotel Mansion Del Lago.  Great food abounds and great people watching in San Pedro, Panajachel is a picturesque place with vendors selling Mayan goods everywhere and a wonderful boardwalk down by the shores of the lake.  San Marcos had narrow passages and murals on the walls that provided a quiet and peaceful backdrop for simply hanging out.  

Lake Atitlan is hard to get around by car, although we did it much to the chagrin of the locals who said people get robbed on the road.  It required a 4×4 but, the views of the lake were priceless. (and we didn’t get robbed)  The best way to get around the lake was by boat.  For a few dollars you could hop on one of a thousand boats that motor across the lake in about 45 minutes.  This was one of our favorite ways to get back and forth from the many villages around the lake.  The sunsets however over the “Indian’s Nose” (Nariz del Indio, which is a mountain in the west that looks like a person laying down looking up) were absolutely incredible and every night we would sit on our balcony of our hotel to see what the sunset would look like that night.  Amazing place and after only wanting to spend 3 days there we spent 10 and had to force ourselves to leave.  

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