The Las Manos Border, Las Penitas, Danli Gallery

The border of Las Manos between Honduras and Nicaragua is not the easiest border crossing we have done.  It didn’t help that it was Central American Labor Day, and staffing was at a minimum, or that we had to spend $330 USD for “fines”.  We also got in trouble with the police twice in one day and were able to talk our way out of both situations.   We were sad to leave Danli and Leon wasn’t our style, so we ended up that day in Las Penitas at the Las Rocas Beach Resort where we were able to sip a beer, hang out and reflect on the day and sit and talk with other travelers.

It’s crazy how a day that is rife with problems, close calls, and uneasy travel can be wiped away with the simple pleasures in life like sitting on a beach with your toes in the sand.  I guess while traveling you learn a few lessons.  Not to let the small problems get you down.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in problems.  At the end of the day, you are safe and sound and sipping beer on a beach.  

If you want to read the full story, check out the blog post Here.   Where you can read the whole story.  There is some info on driving keeping your car in Honduras, why we didn’t like Leon, and where to stay in Las Penitas.

This gallery below is of the Las Manos border, Leon, Las Rocas, and the Road to Leon.  We hope you enjoy and keep on traveling!

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