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Robert Louis Stevenson

United Mexican States

  • General Facts 

    • Population: 130,075,092 people
    • Capital: Mexico City; 8,918,653 people
    • Area: 758,449 square miles
    • Language: Spanish
    • Religion: Roman Catholic
    • Currency: Mexican Peso
    • Life Expectancy: 77 years old
    • GDP per Capita: U$D $9,000 per year
    • Literacy Rate: 94 percent

    Other Fun Facts:

    • Mexico is the 14th largest country by land area.
    • The highest mountain in Mexico is Pico de Orizaba, a dormant volcano that reaches 5,636 metres. (18,491 ft)
    • Stone tools have been found in Mexico that suggest the existence of humans there around 23,000 years ago.
    • Millions of monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico every year from the U.S. and Canada.Mexico’s flag is made up three vertical stripes. The left green stripe stands for hope, the middle white stripe represents purity, and the right red stripe represents the blood of those who died fighting.
    • Mexico City has the highest elevation and is one of the oldest city in North America. It is also one of the largest cities in the world.
    • Mexico is second only to Brazil in the number of Catholic citizens.
    • Mexico introduced chocolate, corn, and chilies to the world.
    • The largest pyramid in the world is the Great Pyramid of Cholula in Mexico.
    • The Chichen Itza Pyramid in Mexico was named one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

    Our Suggestions (and for such a big country it's a long one)

    • San Cristóbal de Las Casas.  This place is magical!  Cobble stone streets and an air of Old Colonial Mexico with some Mayan influence intertwined. Makes this place a real winner.
    • Las Nubes in Chiapas.  Waterfalls and a some of the most stunning we have seen.  You can swim near them, and bathe in the green waters. It's fantastic (if you can get there)
    • Did you know that in Mexico City, they shut down the streets and only bicyclists, runners, skateboarders and non-motorized modes of transportation take to the streets every Sunday?  It's such a great time.
    • Mexico, hands down some of the best street food on the planet!  It's varied by region but, always good.  ALWAYS!  
    • Palenque is a Mayan Ruins that is second only to Tikal in Guatemala.  It's amazing there in the jungle with the Howler Monkeys.  A great place to spend a while.
    • Marimba Park in Tuxla, Gutierrez.  We had a ball dancing in the park with all the locals, and spent a good amount of time eating at the vendors and shopping around the pop-up tents that occupy the park.
    • Playa Del Carmen.  We love the mix of Old and New Mexico.  5th Street, stay at the Maya Bric.  Great little spot.  Awesome scuba diving too!
    • Scuba dive the Cenotes from Playa Del Carmen or Tulum.  It's unreal.  Like no other scuba diving you can possibly do.  Simply breathtaking... but keep on breathing!
    • El Sumidero in Tuxla Gutierrez.  The grand canyon of Mexico.  
    • Vera Cruz.  Some of the best food in Mexico and a chill place to hang out in the Gulf of Mexico.
    • Chetumal.  This place is an up and comer.  Also great food... do you see a pattern, and really inexpensive.  Nice beach areas and very relaxed vibe. 

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