Miraflores, Lima, Peru – Barranco, and the Pariwana Hostel Gallery

What to say about Miraflores, Lima Peru.  Many skip right over this large town.  However, we decided to give it a try and we are glad we did.  Although it’s a town that has very little sunlight year around and cool temperatures, it never rains.  Literally… it hasn’t rained in over 20 years.  Clouds yes, however no rain. We were lucky enough to be there when the National Census was taking place and the streets were empty.  We loved our tour of Barranco and walking the Malecon.   Sitting In Kennedy Park and simply people watching was also a favorite pastime of ours.  Miraflores is one of the only safe places for tourists in Lima.  It’s a town of 10 million + people and has a lot of crime.  Miraflores however is safe to walk at night and it’s restaurants, bars, cafes and parks make it a wonderful place to pass the time in Lima.  If you in Lima and you love good food and some culture… spend some time here.  You won’t regret it.   

If you don’t mind hostels with bunk beds, check out the Pariwana Hostel near the oval in the heart of Miraflores.  This place has it all and is the cleanest hostel we have ever stayed in.  The staff is lovely, free breakfast, and close to all the action.   We will stay there every time we are in Lima.  

Here is the link to the Article  along with the video of  some drone footage I took during the national census day when no one was out on the street by law.  All photos found on this site are copyrighted and not able to be used for any use commercial or private without written consent from The Indefinite Journey.  Any reproduction or use of these pictures constitutes breaking international law and the DMCA.

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