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We spent 3 weeks at the Naked Tiger Hostel In San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua and it was an experience we will never forget!  Sunday Funday is a huge party every Sunday put on by NakedPacha Productions, a collaboration of two of the best hostels in town, the Naked Tiger and PachaMama.  2-500 half-naked and drunk foreigners converge on the small town and have a pool crawl lasting most of the day into the wee hours of the night.  We did 3 of these while there and after the 3rd, we were ready to get out-of-town and nurse our broken bodies back to health.  

The Naked Tiger is the premier party hostel in Central America and doesn’t disappoint.  The staff here are wonderful and there is always something going on that suits your fancy.  While there, the Rodeo was going on. For a week or two just about everyday, people chase, ride and prod bulls in a makeshift ring made of sticks and tin.  It’s quite a spectacle and one we will never forget.  We loved San Juan Del Sur and whether you want to do a booze cruise on a catamaran, surf, chill, party or get a tan, this is the place for you.  Everything you could want in a small, inexpensive town in southern Nicaragua.  The town itself has all international food options and hostels galore, we highly recommend you stay for a few days and check it out.  If you need any further information check out the post below. 

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