PADI Divemaster Training In Roatan, Honduras – A Day In The Life Of A DMT – Gallery

PADI Divemaster Training In Roatan, Honduras – A Day In The Life Of A DMT, Paya Bay, Shelly’s Birthday and meeting new friends while working. We are loving Roatan and our PADI Divemaster Program with West End Divers. We have been working hard and learning a lot. We have really developed as better divers and have become more confident in the water through our expert instruction. The instructors on this Island have a lot of experience and thousands of dives on the reef. We realized how much work we really needed to do. We thought we were great divers, and are now realizing how much more we need to learn. We are exhausted at the end of the day, however we really enjoy the day and are getting in shape.   Nudist Weekend is an interesting thing with Paya Bay on the northeast side of the island.  We had no idea when we booked the room which was incredible!  Well, I guess when in Rome, you do as the Roman’s do.  Shelly’s birthday weekend ended up being a very good and interesting weekend for us and a welcome break from the PADI Divemaster Training in Roatan, Honduras.  Enjoy the Gallery, no there are no nudes in the gallery unless you really look hard to find a random naked person in the background.  

Here is the link to the Post on our Divemaster Program In Roatan.  All photos found on this site are copyrighted and not able to be used for any use commercial or private without written consent from The Indefinite Journey.  Any reproduction or use of these pictures constitutes breaking international law and the DMCA.

So these pictures are a little confusing as to what is what… Here is a brief narrative of what you are looking at.

First twelve pictures are of our apartment and the monkeys out front.

Next 5 are of our friends Carla and Chris

The next twelve are of our trip to West Bay for the day.

The rest are of Paya Bay and Shelly’s Birthday lunch at sushi

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