Palenque – Chiapas, Mexico Gallery Of Photos

Palenque – Chiapas, Mexico

Palenque – Chiapas, Mexico is an incredible Mayan Ruin Site nestled in the jungle. This gallery of photos shows some of the bas-reliefs, sculptures, paintings, and architecture that makes this place so special and quite possibly the best Mayan site in Mexico, rivaling Chichen Itza. From the Temple of Inscription and Temple III in the main complex to the Palace which was one of the most interesting structures we have seen in all ruins, Palenque quickly became one of our favorite ruins sites in Mexico and the world. 

What we really loved was the ability to explore and walk in and around the structures, climb up stairs, walk town passageways, sit and reflect in a little alcove. The site is massive yet, only 10-15% uncovered let alone excavated.  The dense jungle surrounding Palenque makes this place special.  It gives it a special feeling.  The green is almost blinding in the sun.  We loved our campsite as well at the Maya Bell Hotel/Resort/Trailer Park/ Campground.  A really nice family run place that has a nice pool and decent restaurant. 

Palenque is one of those places you should put on your list of places to see in Chiapas and southern Mexico.  You can reach it easily from the Yucatan as well as Veracruz and San Cristobal De Las Casas.  Some other things you might see in these pictures is a place called Mr. Taco. They have a great taco plate of al pastor tacos.  Chiapas does al pastor the best in Mexico in our opinion.  They use pineapple and sauces that make Mexican street taco connoisseurs like us giddy! Always authentic, fresh and delicious.  

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