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Panama City is the type of place you don’t expect.  After traveling around Central America for years, when you arrive in Panama City, it’s a city that could easily be in the U.S., Canada, or Europe.  It’s a cosmopolitan city with a rain forest in the center of it.  In fact, it’s the only city in the world with one.  There are so many great restaurants, you have your choice of any international fare you can think of.  We ate some great North Vietnamese food, Indian Food, and Authentic Panamanian food.  The street food is also incredible in parts of Panama.  There is a strong Colombian presence in Panama and plenty of street food stalls from that country.  

Go to the Panama Canal and Casco Viejo.  These are two attractions that have very different things to offer.   The Miraflores locks have a wonderful observation deck to watch the ships, and Casco Viejo has an old feeling to it.  We really liked Panama City, we were running out of money however and needed to get back to the States and had months of traveling yet to pay for.  We will return someday to spend more time in this great city of Central America.  We missed the San Blas Islands and Bocas Del Toro as well and feel we missed out on some of the best of Panama.  

Check out the blog post at on this link where you can read the whole story.  

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