Rafting Pico Bonito Gallery – Feb 2017

If you are looking for something to do in Honduras, think about going to Pico Bonito and white water raft!   We chose Omega Tours because they are simply the best in Pico Bonito.  We took a tour and spend a few days with them and loved every minute.  The lodge is amazing and the food is spectacular.  The white water rafting included cliff jumping and a lunch and was exhilarating.  The detail given to safety is paramount to Omega Jungle Tours and we never felt as if the guide didn’t know exactly what he was doing.  It really was an amazing time on the river and we would do it over and over again.  The sheer beauty of Pico Bonito is amazing.  Green hills, waterfalls, toucans and wildlife make this place all that more special.  Close to La Ceiba and the Bay Islands, there is really no reason you shouldn’t visit Pico Bonito.  Here are a few of our pictures and please don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to get updates of further articles.

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