Rishikesh, India Gallery – No expectations.

Well, we didn’t do any yoga in Rishikesh, however we did relax our minds and body and enjoyed the city to some degree.  We stayed outside of town at the Swiss Cottage area of town and liked our 180 degree views of the valley below.  It was hot and dry and there were fires in the hills surrounding the town.  The Ganges (Ganga) river was amazingly refreshing in the 100 degree F temps.  We rented a motorbike and toured the countryside and swam in the river.  The other side of the river from the main city was full of temples, and shops selling everything you might want.  We didn’t go to an Ashram, however saw many.  Yoga in Rishikesh just isn’t our thing, and the restrictions are too intense for our liking.   The town is dry and chicken free, however you can get both at the Swiss Cottages in the hills outside the city.  

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4 thoughts on “Rishikesh, India Gallery – No expectations.

  1. Beautifully blogged/written about India. I feel good that you have nice experience while traveling to India & i hope some day you will be visiting again with more friends. I belong to Uttarakhand state living near Rishikesh just let me whatever help is required from my side. If you wana have glimpses of our beautiful cultural tradition i will be more than happy. I Really feel proud being a part of it. There is sanskrit slogan “अतिथि देवो भव” in our contoury meaning that People whoever comes to visit us are respectable. They are God for us. This is our philosophy. You can write me if at my emai id.

    Spreading Love Everywhere. God bless you.

    1. Thank you Devendra! We will be back to India someday. We haven’t even touched the South really and we also want to visit the eastern states as well. The north was great, but know there is so much more to India! If we go back to Haridwar or Rishikesh again, we will look ya up. It would be great to have someone from India show us around. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I spent two years back to back in Riskh and had lot of experiencing about the expectation part.

    My 2 cents ☺ – Rishk is the entrance to a soul search into the deep mind of what I am. It is this place and few other up north in Himalayas I broke the 37 year relationship to diety Gods and became an infant atheist. Is n’t this supposed to work the other way? ☺

    I am not yoga type so far but the place has chosen it as a major activity. No protein in Rishk is a good thing for us.

    The second time you come here you will not see yourself as an explorer of the geography nor culture but to find what your beliefs are, inwards. In such discovery process we give less importance to what food we eat. Rishk is a vehicle to take from your present you to your own you.


    1. I see what you are saying Sandeep! I guess one finds what one is looking for at time when they aren’t looking at all. The protein thing, is unfortunately no a preference of mine, however no real issues either in India as we are accustomed to not having meat. The ashrams are what I was mostly referring to when I say it doesn’t really go along with my lifestyle. I also feel that any place can be the place or vehicle to bring you from y our present you to your own you. For some it’s Varanasi, others Rishk, others it might be a temple, others it’s another place unexpected. I appreciate your words and love the interaction with our blog. Thanks for posting!

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