San Josecito and Oso Peninsula, Costa Rica – Gallery of Photos

San Josecito and Oso Peninsula, Costa Rica

The Oso Peninsula is gorgeous as is San Josecito Beach near Drake Bay.  Costa Rica never ceases to impress with it’s wild beauty and savage landscapes.  The 40km dirt road to Drake Bay and San Josecito is rife with small creeks, streams and rivers to cross.  One of which was raging at the time and we had to wait to cross until the rain let up.  The beach is amazing with dark brown sand casting a hue against the blue skies and clouds made for spectacular photography of this area.  I was working with some different filters on this trek that bring out dynamic tones and colors so yes… they are doctored images.  However, they are beautiful and we loved driving our 4×4 through the wild jungle in search of adventure.  We pitched our tent on the beach and woke to an incredible infestation of sand flies that made it impossible to say.  It was alright, the adventure was worth it, and the ride back was just as spectacular.  

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along with the video of  some drone footage I took during the national census day when no one was out on the street by law.  All photos found on this site are copyrighted and not able to be used for any use commercial or private without written consent from The Indefinite Journey.  Any reproduction or use of these pictures constitutes breaking international law and the DMCA.

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