Sandboard, Buggy, Pisco Tours In Huacachina Gallery

Sandboard, Buggy, Pisco…  what do they have in common.  Absolutely nothing besides the fact we did it all in Huacachina.  We stayed at the Bananas Adventure Hostel in Huacachina and took the tours they offered as part of our room rates.  It was a great time sitting by the pool, chatting with other travelers and hanging out together in the desert.  The dunes around Huacachina are huge!!!  Some of them are hundreds of feet if not close to a thousand feet tall.  We took a dune buggy tour where we were able to sandboard.  It’s like snowboarding but down a dune on sand.  We opted to lay down, face first on the board which is “safer”.  It was exhilarating and adrenaline pumping.  The buggy tour was great too.  We got to cruise around the dunes at break-neck speeds and take in a wonderful sunset.   

The Pisco Tour was cool too. We learned all about Pisco.. the national beverage used in the infamous pisco sours that everyone drinks around here.  We got to sample tons of wines and piscos and had a great time seeing how all of it’s made.  When in Ica, spend some time near the natural lagoon in Huacachina and take some tours.  The landscape is stunning, sun warm, and people are friendly around the oasis in the desert.  Don’t forget to ask for extra pisco on the tour and try to charm the pants off your driver to get the best tour experience.  

Here is the link to the Article  along with the video of  some drone footage I took during the national census day when no one was out on the street by law.  All photos found on this site are copyrighted and not able to be used for any use commercial or private without written consent from The Indefinite Journey.  Any reproduction or use of these pictures constitutes breaking international law and the DMCA.

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