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Southeast Asia Trip- The Trip to Begin Our World Domination

Southeast Asia Trip- The Trip to Begin Our World Domination

Getting Plans In Order For Our Southeast Asia Trip

Shelly and I are gearing up! I just got my motorcycle repainted and it looks great!  Now I need to sell it. The money of said 1998 Harley Fatboy, will be some of my funding on the world trip we are about to begin. Only a month and a half until we go. We were looking at flights from LAX to Hanoi.  About 750 bucks. ONE WAY.  We do have 50,000 airline miles we got for signing up with British Airways' credit card, and we are will probably be able to fly there the two of us for about 7-800 dollars. GREAT DEAL.

Going to Hanoi, Vietnam

I was looking over some things, we are bringing our Min-Pin Buddha with us and we are running into all sorts of regulations including quarantines.  Australia for example has a mandatory 30 day. Malaysia 7 days, China 30 days. Vietnam 7 days, and Thailand has one by air, but believe that by land it's less . So, long story short... lotsa red tape making it a little more difficult, but really just inconvenient. We decided to book our trip to Hanoi, leaving around the 4th of Nov. We will be buying two motorcycles (125cc to 150cc) and do our traveling that way. There really is nothing better than getting somewhere on a motorcycle. It's sometimes better getting there, than where we go.

Rough Itinerary for World Domination

We will head to Laos then off to Thailand. From there we might punch down to Malaysia then back to Thailand. Cambodia is next then off to Saigon, Vietnam to sell our bikes and fly to the Philippines. Spend a couple-three weeks there, and then off to Honduras to complete our Dive Master Scuba course. We will be doing that the month of February and around the second week of March, we don't know where we will end up. 

Ya, you could say life is pretty incredible right now. With the money from selling all our possessions and the money we've saved, we should be able to travel unaided for 1 year minimum. Our plan is to travel indefinitely. We will go where life takes us, and float through life without much worry to where and when we get there. That is really the best thing about this lifestyle.

We have purchased our backpacks. Mine is an 85 liter, and Shelly's is a 65 liter. They both fit great, and we are excited about this trip beyond what we could even have hoped for. It's a little scary, but in all truth... exciting! Life is fast paced right now, and I cannot wait for the days when I will be able to live 24 hours at a time, and simply float through life.  All the hard work and hours I have been putting in will undoubtedly pay off. My horoscope said something interesting for today.

You'll be ready to pursue your dreams and to go after your true goals, Brady. Sometimes you just tend to wander through life, drifting from adventure to adventure. But now you'll have a clearer sense of focus. You'll ready to assume responsibility for creating your own destiny. Life isn't something that happens to you. It's something that you make happen! So focus on going after what you really want, and be persistent.

I agree! I am making my life happen right now, and life is sweet.

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