Taj Mahal – Golden Temple – Wagah Border Galleries

What trip to India would be complete without visiting the Taj Mahal?  This is the Icon of India and the crown jewel in the crown!  This place also doesn’t disappoint!  We highly recommend you visit, not only is it impressive, it is one of the most peaceful places we visited in India where there were so many people.  There is a reverence there and the people visiting from their own country are as much in awe as we were.  The pools of the complex are a nice backdrop for pictures and photo ops.  Be careful however, don’t come with much more than a camera.  Video is prohibited and so are cigarettes and headlamps apparently.  The grounds were undergoing some construction when we were there and they clean the Taj often due to the pollution of the city of Agra.   We also stayed at the Gateway Hotel and I had my birthday there where they brought me a cake.  The pool was great as was the buffet breakfast and room.  This place is reasonably priced for it’s 5 star service and 4 star accommodations.   The Taj Mahal is a place you can go and wonder in the love of a leader for his wife.   Really romantic and the architecture is unbelievable.  

Also included in this gallery is the Golden Temple, the Sikh Holiest of Holies.  The temple and pool was pristine and immaculately clean.  There is also the world’s largest free soup kitchen.  We really like the Golden Temple Complex, but loved eating at Kesar Da Dhaba more in Amritsar where Anthony Bourdain ate in his Punjab No Reservations Episode. 

We also went to the Wagah Border and saw the amazing goose stepping and pomp against Pakistan in this unique border display.  Every day at sunset the lowering of the flags and closing of the border has an incredible display with grandstands.  Get there early and sit in the VIP section if you are a foreigner.  They are great seats to see the action. 

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