Tikal Guatemala Gallery – The Mayan City

The Tikal Ruins are a gem in Guatemala!  No where else we visited in the realm of Mayan Ruins was quite as special as this place.  We did the sunrise tour on Temple IV and it was life changing and unforgettable.  We loved the fact that you could hike around the complex in the Peten Jungle and actually go into and climb around the temples in this complex.  Staying at the Jaguar Inn at the park is a must do so you can really enjoy the park in the times the masses aren’t there.  We heard and saw howler monkeys everywhere, oscillated turkeys and other wildlife.  It was beautiful to be in such an amazing place!  We will always believe that Tikal is not only our favorite Mayan Ruin but favorite ruin in the world!   Going to Flores nearby was also interesting and although we didn’t spend much time there, we could appreciate Peten Itza lake and the neat architecture of this Island town.  We then headed out by shuttle to Tulum and the trip from Tikal to Tulum via shuttle wasn’t our favorite trip.  The pictures here don’t do the place justice!  You have to go and see it for yourself and feel the specialness of this place.  From the wildlife to the beauty of the jungle and well preservation of the temples.  It’s easy to see why this is one of our favorite places on earth!  We don’t know when we’ll be back, but feel that we will someday. 

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