Udaipur, India Photo Gallery

Udaipur, India (pronounced OO-Dye-poor) is a 16th Century city of 600,000 people located in southern Rajasthan in north-western India. We didn’t know anything about this gem of a city in the Aravelli desert and only booked a couple days here. We wished we had booked more!  This place is surreal!  The beauty of this city is spectacular.  It is in competition with another city in India as the cleanest city and we found it delightful.  There is an amazing puppet and dance show on the lake that is one of the most interesting cultural experiences we have been a part of.   From the cafes and palaces to the Ladies Garden and Cenotaphs, we found this city full of things to do.  Octopussy was filmed here as was The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and the views and sunsets were the best we found in India.  The sunsets!  Did I mention them?  Check out the pictures in this gallery, they are incredible!  We will be back to spend more time in the Havelis of Udaipur and take advantage of the wonderful people who make up this amazing city. 

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