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Utila To Tikal – Last Day On The Island And Heading To San Pedro Sula

Utila To Tikal - Last Day On The Island And Heading To San Pedro Sula

We decided to go on two more fun dives in the morning. Shelly didn't get to use hers that she got for free with her open water course, so we dove two more times in the AM. It was great diving! We took more underwater pictures (they need developing) and all in all they were really great dives.




Hedman Alas to San Pedro Sula

Utila to Tikal
Utila to Tikal
Utila to Tikal

La Ceiba to San Pedro Sula

After that, we hustled back to the dock, got packed and took the 2pm Utila Princess Ferry to La Ceiba for our trek to Tikal. We were on the ferry for 2-3 hours (problems with the engine in the port) on a VERY bumpy and wavy ride, we know why now they call it the vomit coffin. We made our way to La Ceiba, and had dinner at some American style BBQ place while waiting for our Hedman Alas bus to San Pedro Sula where we would stay a night before going to Tikal.  Hedman Alas is a great bus company.  Professional, safe and more luxurious than many buses taken in Central America.  A little pricier, however worth every penny.

San Pedro Sula to Tikal

It was a great bus ride, but amazingly enough we still felt like we were still in a boat, swaying back and forth after the ferry ride. We got to San Pedro Sula at night, took a taxi from the station to a hotel recommended by the driver.  It was a nice hotel and once again, we started figuring out how we were going to travel to Tikal.  This is a trick. There are no real buses that go directly to Tikal from San Pedro Sula. It's kind of strange, but even looking at forums on the Lonely Planet website, it is a little cryptic how we were going to make it. Finally I called a bus company that said we can take a "luxury bus" called the Maya De Oro from San Pedro Sula to Flores, which is near Tikal, and that it was a pretty much a direct ride. We had to leave at 6 am though so we had to get up at 4 am and get to the terminal by 5am. AHHHHH another early morning!

Our stay on Utila was incredible!!! Great place, great people, great food. Seems like the whole of Central America is like this. Lotta memories and friends made. We will be back some day!


You will need to take the Utila Princess Ferry from Utila, Honduras to Ceiba, Honduras. 

From Ceiba you can take the Hedman Alas Bus to San Pedro Sula. 

From San Pedro Sula to Tikal please check out our Part 2 post ---->   Here

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