Burning Ghats of Varanasi, India – Gallery

Varanasi is a special place in India not only to us but the Indians.  A place where people get married and are burned to spread their ashes in the holy Ganges River.  The place is alive and dead all in one.  This is a pilgrimage town with a lot of tourists from India and the world.  It is busy, dirty and amazing!   You can walk the Ghats (stairs) all up and down the river and take a dip you are feeling immuned to disease.  What we found the most amazing here is how devoted the people of Varanasi are to Shiva and the Hindu Philosophy.  It’s palpable how dedicated they are.  Varanasi is a place of inspiration and even the great Buddha himself is reported to have begun his journey to enlightenment here.   It’s an ancient city with amazing architecture and a buzz we didn’t feel elsewhere in India.  We loved the cafes and winding/ maze like passageways and the occasional cow blocking them.  We loved the food, the people and the river.  It was a place we were awakened to India and it’s philosophy of life.  We don’t know if we will be back and feel that once is enough for us, however the time we spent there was amazing and we will never forget this place.  

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