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One Week Before Traveling the World – A Nervous Energy And Why We Do It

One Week Before Traveling the World – A Nervous Energy And Why We Do It

Here we are, a week before taking off wondering why we travel the world. This time next week, we will have already flown most the way over the Pacific Ocean on our way to Shanghai, China, then on our way to Vietnam. I figured I would post something now, since this week will be busy, time consuming and uncertain. The uncertainty of life is already working its way in. It's exciting. The reality of the commitment of selling everything we have owned, has also set in.

The Nervous Buzz - Why we travel the world

I always feel this way before traveling somewhere. There is a nervous anxiety buzzing in the air, days fly by in a blink. You see real progress and obstacles. A lot of people are wondering how we got here.  I wonder how many think that maybe we are in a midlife crisis, or maybe on spiritual path, or maybe people wonder if we won the lottery, or that we are simply checking out.

None of this is true. The truth is that if we don't do this now, when we can. We never will. I am fairly certain of this.... even if delusionally.  I feel that with the state of economics and world dynamics, there may be a small window if I want to do this. We have experience in a trade that will allow us flexibility in where and when we can work. We would love to show many of you reading this now, that this can be done by anyone regardless of the excuses.

The Future Is Bright

We undoubtedly will run into more possibilities than we can even imagine. We need to do this for ourselves as well. This has always been something I have always wanted to do. Traveling and extending my borders is a lifelong quest.. even before I can remember.  Shelly is relatively new to travel in general.  The travel I have done has always been eye opening and life changing. This will be no exception. We will spend most of our time exploring the world not simply traveling.    Shelly and I plan on maybe volunteering on some organic farms around the world that sustain local people in underdeveloped nations.

Speculating On The Future

I would think the next time I post something you will be hearing about my flight to Vietnam. I am sure there will be an interesting story we can tell from our first guesthouse accommodation. ( if we have wifi). We already have a lunch date with a guy who has lived there a while now and wants to meet for coffee during his lunch break. Should be interesting hearing perspectives from an American who has lived there awhile. Our friends Scott and Ashley live there as well. They both teach and have insights into the region as well. From there... it's anyone's guess where we will be going or how we are getting there. .......Just the way we like it.

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