We are two adventurers at heart who love to travel the world. Our goal in traveling is to immerse ourselves into the sights, smells, tastes and sounds of a culture. We are adventurers who travel at our own pace and are not in a rush to "be" anywhere at any given time. We prefer the less "touristy" side of travel and gain the greatest pleasures from the simplest of cultural experiences. We are; English Teachers, Avid Motorcyclists, PADI and SSI OWSI Scuba Instructors, Registered Nurses, Digital Nomads, Adventure Seekers, and Travel Junkies.

In 2011, with depression setting in, we decided to take 6 weeks off work and travel around Central America. Our eyes were opened and our perspective changed forever. One thing we realized as nurses taking care of people who are very sick... is that time is short.  If we don't live our lives EXACTLY the way we want, we are completely missing the point. Within 6 months, after returning home from Central America, we sold everything we owned and flew to Vietnam where we started a 3 month motorbike tour of Southeast Asia and never looked back.  

Why is it our passion?

Travel for us is much more than experiences, it's a change in perspective. Every strange thing we eat, every place we go, the people we meet... it changes our perspective. Every bumpy bus ride on pot holed, kidney jarring, back roads where we wonder if we'll make it alive or plummet off the next 1000 foot drop, along a guardrailess turn... changes our perspective. Every time we think we know ourselves and how we will react to any given situation, life smacks us in the face with big ole "you know nothing!!!!"... it changes our perspective.

Our thirst for a perspective change and evolving the way we look at life, is why we have a passion for travel. It's not only important to us, it's essential.

The Blog:

We started our blog in 2011. It began simply as a means of documenting our trip. A sort of journal if you will. The blog has evolved as our perspective has over time. We aim to help others who are struggling with life and their own perspective. We share our story and at the end of each post, we explain how our experience has changed our perspective.

Its honest writing, not so focused on helping someone become wealthy, or directing someone to the BEST of everything in any given place. We believe what's best for one, isn't always best for all. We try not to preach our perspectives to others. Everyone has their own unique belief system and how each and every one of us sees the world, is completely different. We are storytellers, not only for our benefit, but for anyone who wants to connect with it as well.

What Now?

After all these years, we have done some amazing things. We have learned more about the world and ourselves than we could have ever imagined.  We drove a car from the US to Panama and back. We taught scuba diving in the Caribbean and English in Vietnam. We rode motorbikes from Hanoi, Vietnam through Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, then back to Vietnam, with a dog. We have lived a life others only dream about.  We hope this blog inspires and motivates others to change their perspective and lives.  

Travel Inspiration

There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people’s books and write your own.
Albert Einstein

Our Life On The Road


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