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Travel Resources To Make Your Life Easier On The Road 

Having the right resources has made our life easier on the road. We have learned a lot and made mistakes along the way. We've gathered resources to help make YOUR traveling easier. All links you see below are resources we personally use and endorse. If you are a company looking to get on this page, click the "Partner" link below. Some of these links might be affiliate sites that pay us when you click on them. Thanks for supporting us if you do.

Shopping Websites


We use Amazon and are Prime Members, which we highly recommend!  Not only do we love the ease of Amazon, we love the prices.  They are competitive and with Free Shipping with Prime, it really can't be beat.  We get a small kickback if you shop through this link.  We hope if you are going to shop, you do so through this link so we can continue helping other change their perspective on life through travel.  


We have been using REI for years!  The greatest thing about them, is their rewards program.  When you buy something you get a percentage back that you can spend on something else online or in-store.  We love their no hassle return policy and if you buy something here, and it breaks while traveling, just return it and get a new one or use the money for another purchase!  

Leisure Pro

Scuba Diving your thing?  It sure is for us!  We have used Leisure Pro to get our gear.  We find their prices to be the best at times for a myriad of products.  They have no good customer service and return policies as well for certain items. 

Hotel Booking Websites

Booking a hotel through a website or app has advantages.  You can link a credit card and skip the risk of getting it cloned or compromised while on the road.  We use these booking sites which all have the ability to pay before you stay.  Just be aware that some places will give you a "lesser" room to cover the service fees from these sites.  Many times we will book with these sites for a day or two, and if we like the hotel, we will strike up a deal with the hotel to pay the same to them (or less sometimes) then we paid through the original service. has been a staple for us for years! We find that especially in the US and Central America, It is particularly useful. We are Gold Status Members and have been for years. Buy 10 nights and get the 11th free (average nightly stay credit) We have used dozens of free nights. Their customer service is good too. There have been a few places we’ve stayed where the room wasn’t adequate or area of town so bad, we couldn’t stay. We let them know, and they have refunded us every time.

Agoda is a good choice. We have mostly used this company in Asia. They seem to have the market share in Asia over However, we found their pricing competitive and fair. We have used their customer service as well on a room where someone working at the hotel, walked into our room while we were in bed. Agoda was prompt and courteous in getting us booked somewhere else free of charge. A good site to use. is also a company we have used before to get things done. Sometimes their pricing can’t be beat. We found their website and little more difficult to navigate and signup, but overall a great website to find that cheap deal. Also, doesn't charge your card until the day before your booking.

AirBnB has been something we used more when we needed a place for longer periods of time. We have been nursing in the US and found a great place in Southern California for 3 months. We have used them for other stays as well and feel they are a good choice in many places that are difficult to find hotels or resorts that fit your budget. You can find some real gems on this site all over the world.

Hostel World is not just for hostels. They have some off the beaten path hotels and guesthouses that the bigger sites don’t have. We found a great place in Dharamsala, India off Hostel World for a great price! We have used them a few times and feel that they deserve to be up here with the other sites. is not a site we use often, however it’s a great way to connect with local people who live in the area you are traveling to. We have met thousands of people from all over the world who use this service and have had private tours of cities and gone to cultural events such as weddings that they would have never had the chance to do by booking anywhere else. A good choice if you are on a budget.

Flight Booking Websites

This is a list of commonly used websites we use to book flights around the world.  Not all the "majors" are necessarily the best or cheapest.  Airlines will contract and set certain prices with certain sites.  We find that when shopping for airline fares, the difference can be in the hundreds of dollars.

KAYAK uses a comparison tool to search many carriers (not all) and display the cheapest flights based on your search criteria. The handy thing about Kayak is their +3 -3 (flexible dates) search tool that allows you to see the flights in a grid to find what day is best to leave and come back. You can also search by specific airline if you are a member of an airline alliance, partnership program or rewards member sites in the industry. KAYAK is an airline, rental car, and hotel search engine. It compares all the carriers and sometimes you can book with Kayak, and at times it redirects you to the specific carrier’s site. We have found some discrepancies at times between what Kayak offers and the carrier offers on their website, especially American Airlines.

Skyscanner is a great site and app that we have used when we don’t know where we want to go. There are times when we knew we wanted to go somewhere in a country but, wanted the cheapest flight. This website does this for you by only showing you the cheapest one way legs from one place to another. The website and app are slick and easy to use. We liked that it showed specific days of travel and what day in a whole month is cheapest for that flight. Sometimes with this site we could find one day that the flight was cut in half and book that one. Most bookings are directed to the carrier’s specific site, however we find this site very useful and fun when we don’t know where the next adventure is.

CheapOair also allows you to search flexible dates and times for a better chance of saving some money by flying specific days of the week. Airlines generally offer lower rates on specific days of the week and don’t publicize those days. This tool shows you the cheapest day. They also have a great “Handpicked Fares” section and “Under $199” Section that can narrow down your search for the cheapest flight. We have used CheapOair a few times and have saved money from any of the other booking sites.

CheapTickets has a great feature that allows you to pick separate airlines in each leg. This can result in cheaper airfares and save you money. The site is easy to navigate and excellent filters to improve your search results. You can also use this site to search specific airlines only. We are members of airline partnerships such as Star Alliance with United. We found it easier to use our points for specific flights that were advertised cheaper by doing this.

Priceline is the last option we use. The only reason we use it is when we have plenty of time to use their “Name Your Own Price®” tool. We have used it before for other services and have never had luck using it for airlines, however we know of people who save 30-50% off published airline prices by using this tool. The prices on Priceline are competitive you also have to opportunity with this site to compare with other sites, which is handy. Besides... with William Shatner as their spokesman, it's gotta be a great company!

Make My Trip is worth mentioning, but only in India. With You can plan your flight, and other modes of transportation in India. We found this website useful for shorter local flights around India with local airlines that weren’t searched in the major sites. A very useful tool to find cheap flights around India.

Transportation Apps

This is a list of apps we use to travel the world.  We find that apps can be extremely useful for finding your way around.  These apps are only for Android as we don't use Iphone or Apple products.  I am sure they are also available on the Itunes app store as well.  

Uber App

If I could get all the money lost in overpriced and crooked taxi fares in the world, I might be a rich man. While traveling in foreign countries the taxi/ cab fares vary from driver to driver up to 1000 percent. In countries that support Uber, we use them. You never have to worry about what the cost will be and no money is exchanged with the driver which adds on safety. Many places in the world use Uber and we have found it a real money-saver to use them where it’s available.

Waze App

Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app with over 6 million downloads and counting. Other drivers on the road share traffic information that’s useful for getting where you want to in the least amount of time. This has been especially useful when driving ourselves wherever we go. The data is much better in the US, Mexico and Central America, however also works in other big cities around the world. Want to know where those police are hiding? This app can save you money by slowing down in those trouble spots. We have logged hundreds of thousands of miles in a vehicle and have used this app to our advantage.


Indian Railway PNR / IRCTC Is your go to app on the Indian Railway System. When you buy a ticket from IRCTC, you will get a unique 10 digit number called PNR number. This PNR Number is your Passenger Name Record number. The app also allows you to see train schedules in India and know if a train is delayed (very common). We found this app a valuable time saver and a great source of information for booking multiple legs all over the country. The Indian Rail System was overwhelming before finding this app. A must!

Travel Inspiration

One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things.
Henry Miller

Reviews and Communication

We use Trip Advisor and find it accurate in detailing how good a hotel, or service is around the world. Not so great in the restaurant realm in my opinion. It's the gold standard for review apps and websites. Sometimes hard to navigate however.
Bigger in the USA and from what we hear, gaining ground in Europe. This app isn't as reliable as Trip Advisor, but much more restaurant friendly than Trip Advisor. Yelp has a great interface that is easily searchable by restaurant.
We find the Voice-Over-IP calling is excellent and much better than Skype and also has text features. You can get a free US or Canadian number that rings directly to your phone wherever you are in the world. No need for your caller to have an app.
Whatsapp is gaining more and more marketshare in the world of free messaging apps. Voice, video and text makes this a good choice. Excellent VOIP, and very useful in Central America where everyone uses it. Others must have the app to communicate.

Weather and Atmosphere

Weather Underground
WU is our go to for accurate weather wherever we are. There are many world updating stations around the globe that report to the app. It's easy to navigate and shows extended weather for up to a month away.
This is a good weather app, however the real feature I love is that it shows wind patterns and has a great doppler radar section. Full of features however, not the most accurate weather prediction matrix as we find in other apps.
This app is excellent for when you are on an island or near the beach. Wind is the greatest predictor of poor water conditions, and we use this alot when scuba diving around the world to see if it will be a wavy day on the seas. Very useful.
Google Sky
Are you aware that stars and constellations are different all over the world? We love taking this geo-positional app out when we are away from city lights and can really see the cosmos. This app is fun and interesting.

Translation and Translators

Google Translate
The gold standard for translation apps. Many companies use Google's API for their translation applications. Why use anything else? We find it accurate and useful to speak in a foreign country, and the voice modulation is understandable.
Learn Thai Lite
A great application! So much so, I bought the Pro version. With native speakers on the audio portion of the app, you will be understood with phrases around the world. Not only available in Thai they have other languages too. Great product by Codegent Ltd.!
We have used this app to learn Spanish, Portuguese and some Italian. You can learn any language and has free lessons. An app and a website, makes this a great choice to really learn a language. If you are going to be somewhere a while, learn the language.
Voice Translator
Record what you want to say and the app will translate them into whichever language you choose. If you find yourself face-to-face with someone who speaks a foreign language, you can pass the phone back and forth and communicate.

Money Programs & Currency and Unit Converters

Travel Money
Track your expenses and manage the amount of money spent in a group of people. Good for groups of friends or couples. Runs off one account with multiple phones. It tells you how much each person owes as well when one person pays. Also supports exchange rate conversion on the fly.
Exchange Rates
With over 5 million downloads, they must be doing something right! An easy to use and accurate money exchange calculator and converter. Even shows bank notes from the country you are in. Very useful tool when dealing with money-changers.
More useful for people from the USA like we are. The same goes for anyone visiting the US and has not idea how many inches are in a yard. Also has a currency exchange rate tab including bitcoin, and many other useful features.
PayPal is becoming more and more common in the world. PayPal states it is used in 202 Countries and 25 currencies as of 2017. We find it a safe and useful way to pay for services and goods all over the world.



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