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Driving Arches National Park- Moab, Utah

We love to drive!   Road trips are kind of our thing.  When we decided to drive from California and do some of the National Parks of the United States, we were surprised to see how easy it was to drive around Arches National Park.  We first stopped off at Fishlake National Forest and spent a night camping, before heading out to Eastern Utah and Moab.   On the way, we stopped to see the San Rafael Wash and snap some pictures of the strange lunar landscape.  This was just a teaser of what we were to see in Arches National Park.  

We found a great little campground only a few miles from the Entrance to Arches National Park with a pool and tent pads with electricity and got a good nights sleep before heading out the next day.  It was hot in August in Moab, and enjoying the incredible formations in an air-conditioned vehicle was amazing.  Everything from arches to balancing rocks, to strange formations that looked much like the sand spires you make by taking sand and water and letting it dribble to create a little tower at the beach.   The red rocks formations and salt washes make this landscape truly magical.  After spending a lot of time hanging out in the North Window, we started to get hot and decided to head back after driving everywhere we could.  Getting out and hiking wasn’t in the plans for today.  We loved every minute of it, and the only thing we wished for was a better camera to really capture the beauty.  Although it’s really uncapturable. 

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