Semuc Champey Gallery – One of the most beautiful places in the world.

Semuc Champey is one of those… special places in the world!  Not only is it off the beaten path, but the area around the waterfalls and pools were so remote, the conquistadores of old couldn’t get here and was a safe place for most Maya living here.  Lanquin is the Mayan Village close to Semuc Champey and we stayed at El Retiro.  The sheer beauty of the Semuc is breathtaking.  We went on a tour of the caves by candlelight, did a rope swing into the river, hiked up to El Mirador, and tubed down the river.  It was an incredible experience and wonderful adventure.  We highly recommend you visit this place in Guatemala and partake in the sheer beauty of this place.  Check out our blog and don’t forget to subscribe to get updates on all the wonderful places we visit. 

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